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Accredited CEDR Mediator and a Meyler Campbell Executive Coach

Founding Contributor of astera global

Hilary, in his own words, was a cheeky kid.  

He had a few motto’s including;
Why go to school, when you can play in the woods?
Why accept things, when you can experiment and take them to bits?


Starting his working life as a Lawyer, after a while, he decided he wanted more out 
of his life! He wanted to do something different, so he started his own business and
followed his passion for designing, creating and solving problems.


After a few years he exchanged his business freedom for a salary and joined a tech business as their lawyer, essentially becoming their problem solver.
From there he moved to another business where it was run literally “On the Wings of Eagles” which made him so uncomfortable, he again decided to move and joined Andersen Consulting and started to focus more on the “people side” of the business. He spent 10 years there, after they became “Accenture” and moved into negotiating and selling deals.


Around that time he met his wife, and thereafter a son and a daughter followed.
He then spent 7 years at Capgemini as Commercial Director, and qualified as a mediator and a coach and started writing.


In 2013 he left his last job and began, with the help of crowdfunding writing his first book “The Power of Soft”.

These days he does what he loves! Writing, observing and connecting. In a practical way he is an enabler to his clients.

Hilary joins the astera global community as a master enabler, and his formal qualifications, are that he is an Accredited CEDR Mediator and a Meyler Campbell Executive Coach (accredited by WABC and the SRA).

Hilary’s full details and history can be found on his website:

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