Hope - we all need it.

Hope helps us to move forward towards something better. For small and significant matters hope carries us into new situations. The wave of hope can carry us through to great results; we hope the outcome of a dental visit will be positive; we hope the family Christmas will be perfectly full of love, laughter and generosity; we hope our biggest goals will come to us with ease.

Now, in the western world, looking forward with hope or even having willingness to engage with hope may at times seem;
- pointless; nothing turns out well nowadays so I might as well stop trying
- inappropriate; who am I to be hopeful when people around me are complaining
- indulgent; should I really live in hope when my reality is so far from what I want?

In my opinion, being upbeat and hopeful is more challenging now than ever before in my lifetime. Fleeting moments of hope can be achieved only to be followed by loss of hope soon after. We’re inspired only to have that inspiration over-written by some ugly fact. I believe this is truth for the collective in the western world as our systems are feeling the strains on so many levels. We’re naturally hopeful, then stressors keep coming at us, from many directions, in many forms; cost of living, threat to health, fractious relationships.

If you’re lacking hope for your tomorrow or your long term future, I urge you to allow hope back in. Allow hope to be the star by which you navigate your life, as if on a dark night. Let hope be with you when life’s difficulties pile on. And do this before the pile of difficulties becomes too heavy for you.

Here are some ideas for setting yourself up to allow hope to be present in your everyday –

1. Observe the small and amazing happenings which occur every day and which you may currently overlook. The sun’s energy giving rays, the rain’s nourishment to your food supply. When you begin to observe you will see many happenings which are of value to you.
2. Frame your thoughts and comments in positive, hopeful terms, along the lines of 1. above. Avoid saying things like the sun is too hot, I wish this rain would stop.
3. Give yourself some space to allow your thoughts to naturally flow to what you hope for, what you want. Holidays are perfect for this, otherwise spend an hour letting your mind wander, perhaps in a garden, in meditation or in prayer.
4. If you feel there’s no time for allowing hopeful ideas to come to you then;
4.1. Remember what it was you last hoped for, or
4.2. do as I do;
i. have faith in humanity - I know that people are essentially good
ii. know that something always turns up for you when things get tough
5. Regularly remind yourself of your hopes, dreams, positive thoughts, especially when the going gets tough.

Most of all I urge you to adopt the mindset you are a person of depth and value. You are important, you are enough, and other people are waiting for you to fully embrace this.

It is my hope you will step into knowing your worth and live your life with hope running alongside. Because this will support you towards the better things which you desire.
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