Emotional Impacts Of Hybrid Work

What Does It Do To You and What Can You Do About It?

Hybrid work is here and you’re feeling it. You may be celebrating, you may be anxious, resentful, or you may feel any of the many human emotions which are available to you. Today I’ll share how you can handle any of your emotions which is not working for you.

Change was foist upon you last year, now there's more change!

Change came to your world early in 2020 when remote working became the norm. You faced the challenges, adapted and eventually settled into a new pattern. In 2021 return to work under new parameters became the norm. Now you’re adapting again, this time facing a new set of challenges. Naturally anxiety, excitement, fear and dread are coming up for corporate employees right now. Let’s look at what you can do.

How to deal with your persistent unsettling emotions.

When you find yourself experiencing a continued or repeated feeling which you want to fix you can take the following actions;

Step 1

Ask yourself : Is this feeling constructive or destructive for me?

Possible Answer 1: It’s constructive – that's working for you, so keep using that feeling

Possible Answer 2: It’s destructive – that's not working for you so let’s explore that

Step 2

Allow yourself to experience that destructive emotion for at least one day but not more than 3 days. Set a reminder for the 3 day mark. By that time you might have already let it go. If you're holding on, make an active decision to set aside that destructive emotion. If that’s not possible, at least move to another less destructive emotion by choosing a less destructive word to describe how you feel.

e.g. if your emotion is Hate, take a decision on Day 3 to change your feeling to Dislike.

Take the power out of destructive emotions

Another way to work with destructive emotions is to shift focus;

FROM - the way you are feeling right now, with the problem front and centre and blocking your way forward

TO – the potential future which is just beyond your current visibility. This is about realising, even trusting, you have skills, resilience, capacity to move into something different and then exploring what that is.

It will all work out in the end

When things go wrong for me and I get a sinking feeling, I pick myself up with a reminder, that there is something better to come. This approach has never failed me, even when sometimes deep pain is part of the journey.

Do you know the mantra ‘It will all work out in the end’? My parents taught me this one and I continue to live by it. They would be delighted to think you might use it too!

If you’d like to dig further into this topic

My expert buddies, Dr Myke Merrill and Mike Wilson, and I have discussed the emotional impacts of hybrid work in this Conscious Professionals Podcast .

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