How Dedicated Professionals Develop Their Emotional Intelligence

Today’s best leaders are those who have developed emotional intelligence (EI). They are the people who will lead the discerning employee to success. Never before has this been more important.

We’re all leaders. Everyone has capacity to lead another person in some way, either as a direct leader or as influencer. The quality of leadership becomes the variable and EI is the answer to optimising your leadership qualities.

What are the elements of EI? Daniel Goleman’s model is a great framework for us to develop our understanding. The five components are;

- Self-Awareness, the ability to identify and explore your own emotional triggers and responses

- Self-Regulation, the extent to which you’re able to adjust your responses

- Motivation, your desire to learn and self-improve

- Empathy, your ability to understand others, which you can only achieve if you are self-aware

- Social-Awareness, your capacity to find common ground and collaborate

Mindfulness is an ally of all these components. Mindfulness calms and focuses you, making you more self-aware in the process. From here you can achieve deeper understanding around your responses, your empathy, social awareness and even your motivation.

Stepping onto the path of mindfulness is just the beginning of your journey towards your highest EI. Mindfulness will be there with you along your journey. It will provide comfort when in self-doubt, knowledge when unsure of next steps, deep certainty in yourself and an enhanced awareness that you have more to learn.

I have a toolbox full of techniques which have brought me to my place of mindfulness. I'm making these tools available to you for your personal development. I'd love to share with you in this structured and easily implemented 5 Day Challenge in July 2020. Here's the link;

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