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Wouldn’t it be great if everyone was on the same page as you? Life isn’t so simple, but it can be better understood.

The good thing is everyone in your team wants the same positive result. This gives you the basis for collaborative achievement. The challenge comes when the individual approach to getting the positive result comes from a different angle. It can cause conflict.

The key is to find common ground in the goals and acceptance of each other’s contributions to achieving the result. This brings rise to another challenge though – few people managers facilitate the fostering of relationships of understanding and acceptance. They tend to expect us simply to get on with it. To set aside or suppress what bothers us.

We all know that bottled up tensions need to go somewhere. At best it might come out as irritation which can be neutralized by outlets such as sporting activities, after work drinks, team bonding activities. But ongoing frustration at work can lead to a breakdown in working relationships, performance decline, anger at home, tiredness, even health crises. I'm not proud to say I speak from experience on this.

I’ve had high expectations of others. It caused me and them quite a lot of pain. I couldn’t understand why my colleagues appeared to have a low level of commitment to achieving what I believe was expected of us, what we were paid for. Or I couldn’t comfortably accept a report as written for me, I was tempted to rework the lot! Can you see the problem I was creating?

One thing I didn’t fully appreciate early enough in my career is the statement I made earlier;