Why do men do dumb stuff - for good reason

He broke into a run to cross the road as I hit the brakes, rounding the corner on a downwards hill. I smiled at the woman who was waiting to cross where her husband had made a dash for it. She smiled back. I giggled and felt we shared a moment in agreement that 'Husbands do dumb stuff'.

There never really was much risk, I was able to stop. But this man's decision got me to thinking...

I've seen this pattern many times, also in my relationship. There are parallels with Hunter Gatherer societies. The masculine in Jeff presses on to get there sooner as is necessary for a hunter to achieve the kill. The feminine in me is patient about getting there a little later, acceptable, maybe even necessary as a gatherer to give greater attention to risk assessment. I wonder why he takes risks, he wonders why I am cautious. Together we make an amazing team, working in Harmony, balancing the other when needed.

We trust each other to contribute for the right reasons, for our collective goals. In terms of balance this is perfection, absolutely complementary, perfectly imperfect. Sometimes frustrating to me and sometimes infuriating to him.

The wisdom my Mother shared in the 1970s has not been lost on me. She foresaw the emasculation of western men as we took the path of empowering women. Ongoing emasculation of men is something I have witnessed and been a party to. I'm not proud of all of that - not at a personal level nor at a societal level.

As evolving societies we've achieved some great things, and we've caused pain along the way. From here and now we can do better. I can do better. I want to see the masculine allowed as the feminine rises. Women AND men are essential to achieving our natural balance.

I'd love to say good-bye to patriarchal societies, yet I don't wish to live in a matriarchal society. How about matri-patriarchal instead - feminine dominance in some things, masculine dominance in others. Could this underpin a type of Harmony-archal result where there's a place for all.

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