Yes, Mindfulness Does Support High Performance

With technology providing 24/7 connectivity,combined with working from home, there is an increasing blurring of the lines between our personal and our professional lives. For our survival we need to evolve quickly, we need to respond with new modes of behaviour – is mindfulness the answer?

Richard Branson is quoted as saying "Mindfulness is one way that many entrepreneurs choose to combat the toll wrought by round-the-clock emails, long working hours and other aspects of our accelerated business culture," "The business leader Arianna Huffington says that mindfulness gives her a competitive edge; Steve Jobs did too."

You might think at first that mindfulness is a buzz word, be assured it brings real benefits to people. You know this is true, you see it in people who are already practicing.

The question for you is, how to best choose mindfulness activities which work for you, and how do you implement in your busy professional life? The answer, you need to experience different techniques to understand what works best for you – and you want quick answers.

Take a look at what offers you.

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