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Wellbeing Coach

I am Teodora Pile,  I’ve a curiosity for the art of being… being human...  I am also a history lover, keen gardener and learning enthusiast...   Appreciating the vital role our thoughts play in our day to day life, I am continuing to learn more about the contemporary principles of neuroscience, psychology and physiology.


Eight years spent in IT gave me experience in a number of complex projects within the Lloyds of London Insurance . My greatest success came in project managing aspects of IT change, implementing government regulatory changes, designing new solutions and delivering organisational change initiatives. I continue to draw from those experiences.  


Registered as a licentiate member of the British Institute of Hypnotherapy & NLP, I am a master NLP practitioner with a clinical diploma in hypnotherapy. I am also a registered Lightning Process practitioner, a HeartMath Coach and a Happy Confidence Kids Practitioner.


I discovered the Lightning Process back in 2016 when my health wasn't where I wanted it to be.  My own life-changing results led me to undertake the necessary training to become a Lightning Process practitioner & Clinical NLP and Life Coach in London under the guidance of renowned leaders in the field of NLP & Health and Psychology. 

I am passionate about personal and professional development  and enjoy building rapport to dance in the moment to support my clients as they discover their solutions.

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