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Breathwork Facilitator

Being a truth seeker I graduated from Long Beach State with a degree in History focused on Mexican, Russian and French history and a minor in Women Studies. The idea was to pursue a career in teaching and working with children, but the universe had a completely different plan for me.

Instead, I pursued a career in a Professional Sales Industry which pushed me into the Financial Industry. The challenge of learning how businesses are run on the back end brought out the teacher in me once more and the entrepreneurial spirit as well. Helping people navigate their business finance needs and educating them brought a lot of satisfaction to my life so I continued to work with businesses on a larger scale who were importing and exporting their goods and finally after 6 years of that, I jumped into offshore personal banking and investment.

The joy I felt while helping and guiding others succeed and flourish has always been my biggest drive and when life threw me a huge curve ball I finally stopped. The busyness of life kept me distracted but I learned to sit still and listen. And invested in myself. 

After 5 years of intense learning, I am a Level 2 Usui Method Reiki practitioner, I finished a 4 month intensive on Quantum Homeopathy which taught me how to use applied kinesiology and create remedies for many types of ailments. I took 2 Oracle Card Reading courses that continued to develop my intuition and then cycled into doing a Level 1 Essential Oil Certification with Wisdom of the Earth to learn about the magic of the plants. I am a Level 2 Crystaline Energetic Practitioner balancing chakras and working with the ethereal body using crystal energy. I have a Life, Shaman and Energetic Coaching Certification through Artist of the Spirit and I am a Certified Breathwork Facilitator through David Elliot’s method. 

Currently, I am working with the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute to become a Certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner which works to support my current Breathwork practice that has become my main focus. 

I am a student of life and love to learn about all of the different medicines out there in the world just waiting to be discovered

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