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astera global is a personal development community for people who invest their career energy within the world’s medium and large organisations

Why we created the astera community...

To tackle the isolation currently experienced by people in the corporate world astera global is designed to provide useful and practical support in time sensitive ways. The astera global team understands that you need easy access to relevant information and methods which can enhance your experiences and outcomes.


astera Events

Community is the central theme of astera global. With community as our operating mode we can share, support, grow, learn and celebrate together. We believe it takes a body of people to support every individual to success. We believe every person has ability, is worthy of support and has a right to the success they see for themselves.

Community is the central theme of astera global......more

We know that life in the corporate arena is fraught with challenges and pressures. It’s common to feel isolated in the crowd, overwhelmed by workload, under appreciated, even when you’re successfully meeting all expectations.  We understand the challenges as well as the opportunities.

We know that life in the corporate arena is fraught with challenges....more

astera Events

Liz Hargreaves’ motivation to establish this community comes from the successes she achieved when she truly and deeply intertwined her personal development and her banking career. Combined with her deep passion for the well being of corporate employees everywhere, Liz has founded astera global so others can participate more fully in their own successes.

Liz Hargreaves’ motivation to establish this community......more

astera's Founding Contributors from 3 countries gathered in April 2019 to map out their commitment to and a way forward for this global community.  The Founders have corporate experiences and personal development expertise.  They care about people, collaborations and community. 

astera's Founding Contributors from three countries........more

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