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Sleep Specialist and Chronobiologist

PhD in Human Circadian Physiology & Behaviour and MSc in Biosciences

Dr Katharina Lederle is a sleep specialist and chronobiologist who translates scientific findings and proven therapeutic techniques into practical everyday solutions for people with sleep problems - whether that's people experiencing chronic insomnia, ot those who have the odd poor night. She also teaches people more about why sleep is important and how to sleep well and feel good as a result. It's Dr Kat's passion to help people sleep well and feel good.

In her work she combines a deep understanding of the biology of sleep and the body clock (she holds a PhD in Human Circadian Physiology & Behaviour and MSc in Biosciences), with her practical experience in managing workforce fatigue and learnings from Mindfulness  and acceptance Commitment Training.

Learning compassion, community and observing have always been part of Dr Kat's life (her Mum was a teacher), and it is this 'pausing, noticing and reflecting' that inspires her approach. Through her sleep practice she has listened to hundreds of stories from people experiencing problems sleeping. These include shift workers in safety-critical industries like aviation mining, people experiencing transient and longer-term insomnia, busy, stressed-out corporate workers, students, people with serious illnesses, and parents! Her response has been to set-up Somnia - an organisation that raises awareness about the importance of healthy sleep, and that enables people to sleep well.

Dr Kat has written a practical guide to getting good sleep called 'Sleep Sense'.

Dr Kat's personal focus is on providing one-to-one sleep therapy to those experincing insomnia with whom she develops individually tailored sleep plans to obtain peaceful sleep.

Visit Dr Kat at

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