COMPLIMENTARY Sleeping Well Q & A with Dr Kat 14 July 2020

How much does good sleep matter to you right now? If you could spend time with a sleep expert who can answer your questions, would that be valuable to you? Dr Kat is passionate about you achieving good sleep. She invites you to meet in real-time.
We're sorry you missed the Sleeping Well Q & A Call with Dr Kat
COMPLIMENTARY Sleeping Well Q & A with Dr Kat 14 July 2020

Time & Location

14 Jul 2020, 19:00 – 19:30 BST
astera Zoom Mentoring Centre ONLINE!

About the Event

 Join me *LIVE* in the astera global Zoom Mentoring Centre.

DATE: Tuesday 14 July (Wednesday 15 July, Australia & New Zealand)

TIME: 30-Minutes: 

11:00 am PDT (West Coast USA)

2.00 pm EDT (East Coast USA)

7:00 pm BST (UK)  

10.00 pm GST (UAE)

4:00 am AEST 15 July (East Coast Australia)

6.00 am NZST 15 July (NZ)


In this live and interactive group call, you and I will explore further the viscious cycle of insomnia. I'll share my most helpful tips of the moment to support you to improve and maintain a healthy sleep.

Your questions are important.  They provide focus so I can help you get to the bottom of your most challenging sleep concern. 

It’s a great chance to learn from everyone else's questions, too.


Our calls are recorded. Afterward, we'll send you an email with a direct link to the recording. This recording will be stored on the astera global website for your easy access, so you can listen and deepen your learning again and again, and at your convenience.


Come join me by clicking the Save My Seat button, give astera global permission to make and use the recording, and provide your best email so we can send you the location link.

Getting more curious?  Inspired to join me? 

  • Come with your sleep concerns, and I’ll do my best to offer an answer.
  • Come to engage with like-minded others and share what’s worked for you.
  • Come to listen.

Come and give yourself the gift of the shift in your sleep so you can raise your wellbeing.

See you there,

Dr Kat and the astera team

PS: To participate in this virtual group coaching call, astera global requires your permission on the Registration page to use the recording, without limit, as we choose, in the normal course of our business. 

PPS: Take advantage of this rich opportunity to connect with like-minded, heart-centered professionals; and give yourSELF the gift of being mentored and supported.  :)

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