Our Table of 12 - The Future of Work

Bringing HR Professionals' voices together to uncover ways to elevate the human experience and innovate The Future of Work. To establish support, explore challenges, and pinpoint next steps to achieve successful talent strategies of the future.
Oh no, I truly want to help you achieve your goals
Our Table of 12 - The Future of Work

Time & Location

21 Sep 2020, 18:30 – 30 Oct 2020, 17:00
Brainstorm & Develop Talent Strategy

About the Event

REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED but if you're interested in participating in the next one, simply email me here with your expression of interest

Facilitation with a difference 

Think corporate life and creative brainstorming, global understanding, and truthtelling, add a deep sense of compassion and a useful balance of taking action and allowing creation.  This is the environment we can achieve together in Our Table of 12.

It's personalised and focused to help you address what's here and what's coming in the world of HR.  

I'll help you explore new depths of humanity by facilitating your individual and group exploration for personal growth, to shape the future of work with the human experience in mind.  Drawing on my corporate experience, my personal development knowledge and my international network.  I have a very exciting keynote speaker who wants to support you along this pathway.

My key aims are for you to:

  • activate your laser focus on your next steps
  • understand your balance between Doing and Being
  • achieve progress while remaining mindful and aligned.

So you can achieve these aims together we will:

  • explore your greatest challenge relating to successfully shaping the future of work within your organisation
  • experience the gathering of HR voices and perspectives in order to hear, share, learn and create your next normal
  • pinpoint your best actionable way forward to serve your organisation
  • enhance your readiness to tackle challenges as they emerge.

I'll make this all possible, I'll provide you with:

  • a safe curated group of participants to ensure lively and relevant contributions
  • two tailored individual sessions with me.  These can run deep, to get to the root of the matter safely and to elevate.  The first is exploratory, the second is to ensure your laser focus on an actionable takeaway
  • four structured group sessions, to collaboratively tease out the challenges and potentials relating to each participant's greatest priority.  This is where the magic will happen.
  • targeted trainings in self command, allowing, and creative invention
  • access to my personal development network (yes it's the people I go to and trust) to support you on your way forward

Here are the dates:

The six sessions will be scheduled between 21 September and  30 October 2020;  so REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED

Our Group sessions will run for 2 hours on a Monday evening from 6.30 pm London time

Your two individual sessions will be scheduled to suit you within the windows listed below; 

- Exploring Your Greatest Concern, 90 minutes - 22 September to 2 October, 

- Pinpointing Your Way Forward,  60 minutes - 20 to 30 October

Let's connect now:

If you're an HR Professional in the UK or Europe and you know you need new ideas, I invite you to apply to take a seat at Our Table of 12 .  Click the Save My Seat button and, if we haven't already spoken, you and I will have a useful conversation very soon.

I look forward to facilitating your ideas and development to create The Future of Work.

Best always


  • Table of 12 - Future of Work
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