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Founding Contributor of astera global

Jeff is Global Manager Data Centres for an international company. Originally from an Engineering background he has spent the last 30 years in Sales management for a few Global enterprises.

He has experienced life in the corporate world and is fully aware of, (and dissatisfied with)  of the pressures placed on modern day professionals. 

Jeff is passionate about ensuring work/life balance and true equality into the workplace.


He is also a Founding Contributor of astera global, and father to three sons.

Jeff oversees the IT development and support for the astera global community. He believes in equality for all in the workplace so every person can thrive in their own lives.
As an enthusiastic supporter of Liz and her vision of real support for professional people Jeff also contributes strategic direction and moral support. He is a keen saxophonist with the South London Jazz Orchestra and loves to be in front of an audience.  Jeff also enjoys travel, Australian Rules Football and dining with friends.

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