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Licensed Heartmath Coach

Founder, CEO of astera global

Liz is the Founder and CEO of astera global, the premier mindfulness community for professional people.

Liz created and now manages the astera global community where she oversees the sharing of information between all of the Members and Contributors who are participating in the astera online platform.


Liz believes in the value of people supporting people. She sees the isolation created by organisational management and has genuine concern for the well-being of people who are in states of separation from others.  Liz sees that community principles are the antidote to isolation.


Her motivation to establish astera global is rooted in the successes and failures Liz achieved during her banking career spanning more than 20 years.  As the first female business lending manager in her field Liz broke new ground for her Australian employer. Being at the forefront has been a feature of her life.  But it was only 4 years ago when Liz achieved her most rewarding career outcome – how she achieved this was by truly and deeply intertwining her personal and professional selves into the completely self-assured person she is today.


Other than her commitment to the wellbeing of corporate people everywhere Liz loves to travel with her husband Jeff, walk and cuddle her Poodle Indi, meet and chat with people, and observe the wonders that are her two daughters as they make their ways in the world.

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